Our vision  

Netwerk Serve the City Utrecht believes that we may be involved as a city and as a society. Social problems are often reduced to a number. But a society consists of people who need each other. Every resident of Utrecht knows that he or she is part of the city. Everyone is worth receiving, and everyone has something to give. Thus, volunteers make a difference in the lives of other residents of Utrecht. And of course, that also goes with you. Anyone who works for someone else changes. Who gives, receives. Young people have an important part in the Utrechtse society. Investing in young people means investing in the future. STCU therefore wants to encourage young people to actively engage with fellow human beings. Meetings between different (groups) people lead to mutual understanding and valuable connection. Voluntary commitment contributes to a deep-city urban culture, community involvement, where the serving of the city (active citizenship) is a matter of course. Working together for a more beautiful Utrecht!