About us

Netwerk Serve the City is a network of all young people who want to make a difference in their city, Utrecht. They decide what and when they do voluntary work so that they can be fully tailored to their agenda. Anyone, regardless of belief, race, or socio-economic background, can participate. Do you also want to be part of the network? Send an email or phonecall to one of the coördinatros. See you soon! 


The coordination team consists of Joanne van der Giessen and Hanna Vonk:


As of October 2017, I work as a coordinator at Netwerk Serve the City. I'm really looking forward to employing young people who want to mean something to their fellow retirees. I have lived in Utrecht for about eight years and after four years I have worked as a social research researcher in my social science studies. I would like to work in a more practical way for the people who need extra help. In addition, volunteering did not come to me unknown; During my studies, I have been a partner of ex-homeless people, and I started to guide a girl group in the AZC. I enjoy it so much that I keep doing that. I hope that, as a coordinator at Network Serve the City, I can help young people to work for fellow retirees, making us an even more beautiful city!
From the start of Netwerk Serve the City Utrecht (February 2016) I am active as coordinator. Great to help me make the city of Utrecht a bit more beautiful. I have come into contact with a woman from Bosnia who lived in the city for a while, but I did not know anyone yet. The relationship with her has made me realize how important a network is and what it means if there is a lack of such a network. After my study Psychology and some years of work in helping, it was a great opportunity to focus on informal care in Utrecht. After all, I saw the importance of this. I like working with young people and I would like to see how they work for someone in the city who needs help or attention. This also makes them grow and develop themselves. I very much welcome this beautiful win-win situation.


The board prepares all editions and projects held in Utrecht. We provide contacts with organizations and project managers, communication and fundraising.      

Larissa Exalto

Guido van Beusekom

Cédric van Harn

Joanne van Rees
General board member